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South San Jose Dog on the Road to Almaden Lake Park

Whether you are driving your dog to Almaden Lake Park in South San Jose for a daily walk, or farther afield, traveling with your dog presents its own set of joys and concerns.

Your dog hanging his head out the window, even though dogs love to do so, is hazardous under crowded conditions.

Some dogs are happy to lie down and relax in the back seat, where other dogs will do better with some leashing or seat harness arrangement. Seat harnesses that hold your dog securely in a comfortable and safe position have been created.

Dog on Walk - Leash and Collar; Dog in Car - Seatbelt

Several companies make dog car restraints of various styles. Variations may be under $20 in price, really a small price to pay for your dog’s safety.

If your dog has a lively character, such a restraint might make it safer for you to drive without being distracted by your dog’s moving around.

Such a restraint has the added advantage of keeping your dog from hopping out of the car unexpectedly and unleashed.

Walks Keep Your Dog Healthy - and Save Money at the Vet

Call me (Michelle Halpern, Pro Dog Walker) and get your dog started on an exercise regime!

If you live in the Almaden Lake Park area of South San Jose - roughly the area of San Jose bounded by Coleman Road, Winfield Boulevard, Blossom Hill Road, and Santa Teresa Boulevard - where Blossom Valley meets Almaden Valley, I am your neighbor, Michelle Halpern, Pro Dog Walker.

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