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I am proud to say that the dog owners in South San Jose, CA who have chosen Michelle Halpern, Pro Dog Walker, are very happy with the service I provide. Here are some of their FIVE STAR reviews, from Yelp!

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Michelle Halpern, Pro Dog Walker, and I think I will be able to show you that engaging my dog walking service - located in the area of Almaden Lake Park in South San Jose - will make life better and more enjoyable both for you and for your canine companion. You will be freed from taking your dog out when you have no time or time is short, and your dog will get the attention and exercise that dogs thrive on.
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trustworthy, honest, fun and very qualified . . .
Dog walker with great reviews in South San Jose
Max, my JRT, and myself love Michelle.....she has helped us out every time without hesitation....has always been so flexible with timing! We wouldn't think of using anyone else.....trustworthy, honest, fun and very qualified.  You won't think of ever using any other service!
***** Charon S., San Jose, CA, 10/19/2016

I strongly recommend Michelle . . .
Michelle has been walking my dog for a year and I just love her. She is always so attentive to not only my dog, but has been very helpful to me as well. Even though I pay her to walk my dog for a half an hour she always does extra if she feels my little one needs it or I won't be able to get out for a while. I strongly recommend Michelle for all your puppy needs.

***** Micki G., San Jose, CA, 10/08/2016

Michelle is conscientious and caring . . .

I am busy working two jobs, so I rely on Michelle to take my dog out for a walk. As the owner of a six-pound Yorkie that is the love of my life, safety is my highest concern. Michelle is conscientious and caring, while making sure that exercise and potty needs get met on time. I am definitely a satisfied client!

***** Annie T., San Jose, CA, 10/09/2016

I appreciated Michelle's professionalism . . .
Michelle walked my old dog for me while I was working long hours. She was very conscientious and made sure Halley's needs were met. She was gentle and her experience as a vet tech was helpful since she needed to administer medication. Michelle communicated with me after taking care of my dog so I didn't worry. I appreciated Michelle's professionalism and help as a dog walker and I recommend her service.
***** Judith S., San Jose, CA, 10/17/2016

Michelle is very reliable . . .

Rave reviews for this dog walker
Michelle has been walking my Boxer Annie for a few weeks now and it has been a great experience. Michelle is very reliable and and ensures I know when she is picking her up and when they are done with the walk.

I met Michelle about a month ago while walking our dogs in the neighborhood.
When Michelle came over to our apartment for the first official meeting Annie just loved her. Annie does not typically do well with new people as she generally shows signs of being afraid - but with Michelle she was all butt wiggles.

This was even more evident when we saw Michelle the other night and I yelled hello - it was dark but Annie knew it was Michelle because from the moment she saw her peek around the corner to say hello back she was so happy and excited to see her and didn't want to leave.

Being single it gets tough being the sole support for your doggies ( I have raised 3 boxers in the past 7 years) and it is always such a great relief to have someone you can rely on to help when needed.

I also feel like I made a friend with Michelle which makes the experience even richer.
***** Janet G., San Jose, CA, 11/10/2016

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Dog Walking Dog - Can’t Get Much Better than This

Dog walking dog.
Michelle Halpern, Pro Dog Walker would give five stars to Dog, the Dog Walker.

The Pro Dog Walker Makes Life Better for You and Your Dog

I look forward to hearing from you and finding out how I can help you and your dog make the day easier with a daily walk for your dog from me, Michelle Halpern, Pro Dog Walker.

I can take your dog for a walk when your dog
needs a walk, and you can take your dog for a walk when you and your dog will enjoy a fun and refreshing walk together.

I live in the Almaden Lake Park area of South San Jose, I am right in your neighborhood. (Roughly the area of South San Jose bounded by Coleman Road, Winfield Boulevard, Blossom Hill Road, and Santa Teresa Boulevard. Where Blossom Valley meets Almaden Valley.)

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Michelle Halpern, Pro Dog Walker
Call or Text: 408-930-1322

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