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Black labrador retriever.

The Labrador Retriever - #1 Since 1991

The Labrador is an exceptionally popular dog. In the last several years the Labrador Retriever has been the breed with the largest number of annual registration at the American Kennel Club (USA), the Canadian Kennel Club, and Australian National Kennel Council.

Most Popular Breed in the World

In both the United States and the United Kingdom there are twice as many Labradors registered as the next most popular breed. If the comparison is limited to dog breeds of a similar size, then there are around 3 - 5 times as many Labradors registered in both countries as the next most popular breeds, the German Shepherd and Golden Retriever.

Labrador Retrievers as Assistance Dogs

Yellow LabradorLabrador Retrievers are the most popular breed of assistance dog in the United States, Australia and many other countries, as well as being widely used by police and other organizations because of their detection and working abilities.

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