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The guardian of the flock.

We can all recognize the breeds of dogs we see frequently -
Poodles, Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Yorkshire Terriers, German Shepherds, and even some blends like Labradoodles. But what about the Komondor with its dreadlock-like coat?


The Komondor is a large livestock guardian dog with a long white, corded coat. The Komondor breed was developed in Hungary and is dear to the hearts of Hungarians. (Upper photo - Creative Commons.)

Komondors were first probably brought to Hungary by Cumans, Turkish speaking, nomadic people who settled Hungary during the 12th and 13th century. The name "quman-dur" means "belonging to the Cumans" or "the dog of the Cumans.”

Komondor Coat

The dreadlock “corded” coat most probably was developed in a dry climate with extreme temperature variations, like the high desert. The Komondor’s coat gives it excellent protection against cold and hot weather, but is not too comfortable in wet weather.

The coat also provides protection against wild animals and rough vegetation. The coat of the Komondor makes it look like the sheep it protects, so the herd guardian Komondor can easily blend into a flock and camouflage itself, surprising predators by leaping out of the herd when the predators attack.

Komondor as Guardian of the Herd

The breed has a natural guardian instinct and ability to guard livestock. An athletic dog, the Komondor is fast and powerful and will leap at a predator to drive it off.

The Komondor is one breed of livestock guardian dog which has seen a vast increase in use as a guardian of sheep and goats in the United States to protect against predators such as coyotes, cougars, and bears. (Lower photo of high-jumping Komondor from Eye Candy)

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