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You Lead the Pack

Even when you hire me, Michelle Halpern, Pro Dog Walker, to walk your dog each morning or mid-day or evening - there will be plenty of other times for you to enjoy walking with your dog. Here are a few dog walking tips from a pro:

Walk your dog, don’t let your dog walk you. When walking your dog on the leash, if your dog is in front of you he believes he is the alpha between the two of you. Alpha goes first. Dogs that believe they are alpha over their owners can develop behavior problems.

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Let Your Dog Relax

A dog that is allowed to walk in front isn’t able to drain his mental energy. These dpgs are not relaxed. In front the dog feels like he has a responsibility to lead the pack. This mental tension can only grow inside a dog that is not getting the right amount of exercise or type of exercise. It is all about who is making the decisions.


Good Way to Make Doggy Introductions

Your being the pack leader is also a good way to introduce one dog to another. You need to be able to correct any unwanted behavior as soon as it happens.

If you are the pack leader you will be able to correct the dog when he is not acting the way you wish him to act with other dogs.

With my experience as
Michelle Halpern, Pro Dog Walker and my own dogs I have developed the skills to correct dogs in a firm and friendly way so that they walk and interact as trained and socialized dogs.

Dog Walking South San Jose

Need for a Daily Walk

All dogs, regardless of their size, need to taken on daily walks. Taking your dog for a walk keeps your dog mentally stable. Dogs are travelers by instinct. Packs of dogs walk when they get up in the morning. A big backyard or just letting your dog play with other dogs at the dog park does not satisfy their natural instinct.

Hyperactive Dogs

Dogs that don’t get enough exercise or the proper exercise can develop hyperactivity, neurotic or obsessive compulsive behavior. These are signs of a mentally unstable dog. An excited dog doesn’t signify a happy dog.

When a dog shows an extraordinary amount of excitement when his human comes home he is showing signs of lack of exercise or leadership. For a dog excitement does not indicate happiness but mental iinstability. We always need to remember that dogs are canines, not humans, and we need to treat them as such.

Call the Pro Dog Walker

For the weekdays when it makes your life a lot easier and your dog happier and more content to have a practiced dog walker go out with your dog, call me, Michelle Halpern, Pro Dog Walker .

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If you live in the Almaden Lake Park area of South San Jose - roughly the area of South San Jose bounded by Coleman Road, Winfield Boulevard, Blossom Hill Road, and Santa Teresa Boulevard, I am your neighbor!

Michelle Halpern, Pro Dog Walker
Call or Text: 408-930-1322

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