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Besides caring for your dog’s routine shots, accidental mishaps, and Illnesses, your veterinarian will give you advice on how to feed, care for, and exercise your pet. Regular walks, of the sort your dog can have with Michelle Halpern, Pro Dog Walker might be part of your vet’s prescription.


The Veterinarian’s Job

Veterinarians care for the health of pets, livestock, and animals in zoos, racetracks, and laboratories. About three quarters of the veterinarians with private veterinarian practices treat pets like dogs and cats. Due to San Jose and Silicon Valley’s urban nature, most of the private veterinarians in our area treat pets, not livestock.

Veterinarians diagnose animal health problems, vaccinate against animal diseases, prescribe medicines for animals suffering from infections or illnesses, dress wounds, set fractures, perform surgery, and advise pet owners about animal feeding, behavior, and breeding.

Regular walks help keep your dog happy and healthy. Try
Michelle Halpern, Pro Dog Walker for walks that are good for your dog physically and mentally. Bored, unexercised dogs can chew up your possessions and make you crazy.


Pro Dog Walker: Hints on Choosing a Veterinarian

Breed clubs can be a good source of information. Owners of the same breed of dog as yours often have found veterinarians that are very informed on keeping dogs of that breed healthy and are on their toes about potential health problems for the particular breed.

Local Directories/Internet

Check the yellow pages for contact information on local veterinarians. Also check the Internet for listings of veterinary association sites.

Questions to Ask

What are the regular office hours? Are they compatible with your schedule?
Will they accept e-mails or appointments electronically?
Who covers the practice when the doctor is unavailable?
Do they have after hours' emergency coverage or do they refer emergencies to a local emergency clinic?


Walks Keep Your Dog Healthy - and Save Money at the Vet

Call me (Michelle Halpern, Pro Dog Walker) and get your dog started on an exercise regime!

If you live in the Almaden Lake Park area of South San Jose - roughly the area of South San Jose bounded by Coleman Road, Winfield Boulevard, Blossom Hill Road, and Santa Teresa Boulevard, I am your neighbor!

Michelle Halpern, Pro Dog Walker
Call or Text: 408-930-1322

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